Resources for Traditional Astrology

For those interested in learning more about Traditional Astrology, and Horary Astrology in particular, here are some resources:

The book  Christian Astrology  by William Lilly should function as your Bible — it is the most complete summary of Horary Astrology that exists, and it was written in the English language.  It can be a little difficult to understand at times, but if you are armed with a basic understanding of the concepts of Horary Astrology (which you can obtain from a more recent author, such as Louis, Dunn, Barclay or Frawley) this should not be an obstacle.  This book includes volumes 1 and 2

William Lilly also wrote a book on judging nativities,  Christian Astrology Volume 3 .

Somewhat moreancient astrologer accessible but less comprehensive are the works by modern authors, including  Horary Astrology Rediscovered by Olivia Barclay.

Anthony Louis’ book Horary Astrology: the History and Practice of Astro-Divination  is quite a comprehensive book, which includes a summary of important fixed stars and Arabic parts. He also wrote Horary Astrology Plain and Simple .

Barbara Dunn has written an excellent summary with  many helpful images and charts, Horary Astrology Re-Examined . 

THere is a short book by Derek Appleby entitled HOrary Astrology – The Art of Astrological Divination . 

Consider too the three volumes by John Frawley, The Real Astrology, The Horaryrenaissance astrologer Textbook and The Real Astrology Applied . 

And then thre is Lee Lehman’s book,  The Martial Art of Horary Astrology


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