About Me

Me in the starry skiesMy name is Deborah, and I am your astrologer here at Green Planet Astrology.

I found my way to Astrology via the Tarot, and originally, via Carl Jung, whose soul- and symbol-based psychology I studied in graduate school. I had not found modern astrology to be very compelling — the sun-sign based system felt superficial to me as well as  inaccurate. However, I felt that there must be something there for me in this magnificent parallel between the movement of the planets and the lives of humankind — macrocosm and microcosm.

When I came across Traditional Astrology in 2010 I was immediately hooked, finding Horary practice in particular not only immensely detailed but also impressive. It felt very right to me that astrology should be used for divinatory purposes — and divination had become my primary Magical Practice. A lifelong Mystic and Devotionally oriented individual, my spiritual path also increasingly took on the form of a Magical/Pagan Path starting in 2010.

In 2011 I began to study Horary Astrology with ChriPlanets at nightstopher Warnock,  who offers courses on Horary, Electional and Natal Astrology as well as Astrological Magic at his site Renaissance Astrology .  I ultimately found a teaching style and approach to astrology that worked better for me in Deborah Houldings’ course, the  School of Traditional Astrology .   Houlding also runs the excellent online forum for Traditional Astrology,     Skyscript .  I’ve studied Horary Astrology now for 6 years but still consider myself a student/beginner.  Perhaps an advanced beginner but still a beginner. Horary Astrology, like other aspects of Traditional Astrology, is quite complex and takes a long time to master.  Eventually I hope to offer Natal Chart interpretations as well, but that may take some time.

I also involve myself in  other forms of divination — with Tarot, Runes,  and Geomancy. Each form of Divination has its own specific language and benefits — as well as types of practitioners who are drawn to that style. Horary Astrology  can give surprisingly  precise and accurate information, but it is more practically oriented and less whimsical or plentiful in archetypes than a method like Tarot.  Individuals with Saturn strong in their Natal Chart (Saturn is Lord of the Geniture in my Natal Chart) tend to be drawn to Horary Astrology, as it reflects the Saturnine qualities of depth and thoughtfulness, mathematical precision and practical nature.  It’s good to balance Astrology with another form of divination such as Tarot, which can emphasize Venusian or Lunar aspects of these intuitive arts.