Example Horary Chart

This is an example horary chart, to demonstrate how Horary Astrology works.

First, a client comes up with a question — something that pertains to a significant matter in their life — about which they have genuine care and concern.

In this case, the question was my own — I was concerned about a friend, who had lately been harassed by a former landlord regarding monies he claimed were owed him.  My friend was concerned that he would be sued.   I cast a chart asking:  “Will John’s landlord sue him?”.    Note that I use the Regiomontanus house system, which was the house system used by William Lilly.  There is not consensus among Horary Astrologers about house systems, but many do use the Regiomontanus system.

Horary chart 3 Feb 2014

This is the chart obtained for this question.

Since asking a question about my friend, the significator for my friend ( I will call him John)  is that of the 11th house, which rules friends.  In this case the 11th house is Leo, so John is signified by the Sun.  The Sun and Leo do physically reflect him.  His landlord and “opponent” (I will call him Nathan)  is signified by John’s 7th house, which is the radical 5th house of the chart.  The cusp of this 5th house is in Aquarius, thus it is ruled by Saturn, so Nathan is signified by Saturn.  Saturn, considered the greater malefic planet,  well reflects Nathan’s oppressive influence on John and his malicious character.

In this chart, the Sun  is located in the 5th house, in detriment ( the Sun is in detriment in Aquarius) while Saturn is located in the 2nd house which is the turned 4th house, representing John’s physical home.   John had very often commented that his landlord was “trying to take my house”.  Saturn is peregrine, with no essential dignity.  It’s quite striking in this chart, that Pluto is on the cusp of the radical 4th house, at the angle — the radical 4th house is John’s 6th house of distress and illness.  Then, a retrograde but exalted Jupiter is at the cusp of the radical 10th house, at the angle, which is John’s 12th house, the house of hidden enemies and self-undoing, but the radical 10th house is the house signifying the outcome in a lawsuit.   (Jupiter is exalted in its position in Cancer) As well, Uranus is at another angle, at the cusp of the 7th house, which is John’s 9th house. Outer planets at angles afflict the houses they are located in, so either John’s ninth house , or the 7th house of the chart, is afflicted.   Finally, Mercury, which rules John’s 2nd house (the radical 12th in this chart), the house of his money and resources, is also located in Nathan’s house, and is also in detriment in that location (Mercury is in detriment when located in Pisces).

Just with these indicators so far, the chart does suggest that Nathan will sue John and that John will be on the losing end of the court judgement. The one very positive indicator is Jupiter sitting strong in essential dignity on the cusp of the 10th house.

Looking also at the aspects involved.  The Sun is now at sextile with the Moon, and its next aspect will be Sun square Saturn in 7.5 degrees.  If we want to consider this aspect of Sun square Saturn as representing an event in the future, we would look at the sign and house from which the Sun makes the aspect.  It is Aquarius, a fixed sign, and the 5th house, a succedent house. The timing thus suggests the lawsuit would come in a matter of years, but common sense tells us this could not occur in 7.5 years, so we take the next shorter period of time and say the aspect will occur in about 7.5 months.

The angular Moon, who represents the unfolding sequence of events, is moving from a square to Venus, to an opposition to Mars.  Mars, significator of John’s 4th house of his home, is also in detriment in Libra in the 1st house, John’s 3rd house of communication and friends.  One could read the Moon opposing Mars as a sign of upcoming difficulties having to do with his home.  In fact he was at this time struggling with finances and these fears included fear of loss of his home.  Even though Mars is in detriment in LIbra, yet it is conjunct two beneficial fixed stars, Spica, at 23 LIbra 58, which brings success, and Arcturus, at 24 Libra 22, which brings honor and prosperity.  So these conjunctions to strongly beneficial stars suggest John will ride through the difficulties.

It does seem that John will be sued — and we can gain some idea of the outcome of this suit from this chart.  All three of John’s significators — for himself, for his home, and for his money and resources — are in signs of detriment in this chart, while Saturn, though not in essential or accidental dignity, is peregrine.  Thus Saturn as the stronger of the two significators argues for a victory for Nathan.  As well, the significator of the turned 10th house which represents the judgment in the matter, is Venus, who is located in the radical 4th house of the chart, in Capricorn, in the sign ruled by Saturn.  Venus is also angular and conjunct the 4th house cusp, as well as conjunct Pluto, who can be regarded as a malefic in this position especially — outer planets on angles afflict those signs/houses. THis conjunction of Pluto and Venus is occuring in the turned 6th house, that of John’s struggles and unpleasant experiences.

Finally, if we consider the exalted and retrograde Jupiter at the 10th house cusp, we can also read that as a comment on the outcome of this situation.  Jupiter is the natural significator for judges, and law, and to find Jupiter there, retrograde but exalted, at the cusp of the radical 10th which is the house giving the outcome in a court case (in turned charts we take note of the turned houses but also we dont’ lose sight of what is going on in the radical houses when significant) suggests a good outcome, but one which (taking into consideration other factors in the chart) is not in John’s favor.    This position of Jupiter is mostly benefic — suggesting an outcome which is not overly burdensome for John.   One could also read Jupiter on this cusp as suggesting that the judge for the case will be very competent but — given the retrograde Jupiter —  that the judgement will be backward or reversed in some way.  As well, being that Jupiter is at the cusp of John’s 12th house, this suggests that the judgement in some way could bear upon on damage he may have done to himself.


In fact, Nathan did file a lawsuit, in small claims court, suing John for a substantial sum.    This lawsuit was received approximately 10 months from the date this chart was cast.  The judge in the case could have been considered to have made a backward or unjust decision in the first court appearance, since Nathan failed to show up at all for the trial — which normally would result in the dismissal of the case unless the plaintiff had a true emergency — which was not the case.   In fact initially the judge stated that unless the plaintiff had a real emergency, he would dismiss plantiff’s case.  But then, going against his own statement in the matter,  the judge ultimately did not dismiss the case and allowed for the case to be rescheduled.

At that following trial, rather than risk a judgment against him , John decided to agree to a settlement payment, smaller than the total amount requested in the suit but still burdensome.  There had been a good chance though that John could have won the case, since the monies the landlord requested appeared to have been waived by the landlord while they were on better terms, but then were demanded by the landlord once the relationship grew sour.   But by accepting the settlement, John lost the opportunity to try the case on its merits.